Women and Network Business – How Women Can Thrive and Excel in Network Marketing Businesses

Network marketing businesses are either legal or scam. When a network marketing business requires you to buy costly packages, but earns you less, it is often a scam. When it is otherwise, it is legal.

Despite the spread of networking scams, network marketing businesses still thrive because of quality products, good incentives, flexible working time and affordable investment.

The common products who worked around the network marketing are beauty, health, clothing and underwear, kitchenwares and insurance. Except insurances, those products were often small and medium home-based businesses that target women market.

Network marketing businesses primarily worked around these products because these were household and feminine products that women often needed. Moreover, women were empowered to work beyond housekeeping and earn extra household income.

So, Tupperware, Avon and Amway grabbed this feminized market and pioneered the network marketing business. Tupperware invited housewives in “Tupperware” parties to showcase plastic kitchen wares. Tupperware now becomes a household name for kitchen wares. Avon also did. They recruited women distributors to sell beauty products and later underwears and apparels. Amway capitalized on healthy lifestyle. They also started with women distributors because women, mostly mothers and husbands, were concern of the health of their children and husband.

These three companies did not only offer incentives, but also campaigns to empower women, to polarized their network. The companies supported women and health-related causes. Their campaigns were so effective that some men and senior citizens now also sell Tupperware and Amway, respectively. Their success also inspired more companies to manufacture more beauty, health, clothing and underwear and kitchenware. Forever Living and Sara Lee followed similarly.

But as their respective industry grew and internet was accessible, the industries reinvented their network marketing businesses. They jumped in online multi-level marketing and recruited more distributors through the internet. They built their own websites and sometimes did email marketing.

Here’s to your success.

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Women and Health Insurance – Get the Physical Check Ups You Need

Have you skipped your yearly mammogram or pap test due to not having health insurance? First of all, this is important for women to not skimp on. The mammograms are helpful for detecting breast cancer and preventing it from being found at a late stage. The pap test is useful to screen for cervical cancer or any ovarian issues. No one likes these tests to begin with so it’s easy to put them off. Even if you don’t have health insurance, this is important to not skip.

Here are some other the recommended tests for women. For the thyroid and to check the tsh levels, the first exam is suggested at age 35 and after that it should be tested every five years. A colonoscopy is recommended for women beginning at age fifty but earlier if there is a family history. They now suggest after that every five years but due to family history, I choose to go every three years. The tetanus shot should be given every ten years. Eye and ear exams should be every one to two years. It is also important to have your skin examined head to toe and to note any changes in terms of moles on your body or other skin marks. Cholesterol and blood pressure is usually checked at each doctor’s appointment. Your doctor may also recommend a bone mineral density test.

If you don’t have health insurance, it’s important to know that you can find high deductible plans that will give you some security in the event of an illness that requires medical care. We never know when this may occur. It is good to be prepared and not lose everything due to hospitalization or other completely unexpected health problems. Some plans may cover a yearly mammogram for women even before the deductible is met. Each company is different. Getting the re

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